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    Builder 2016 Remote Compare and Synchronization

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      Hello all,

      I'm a project lead for my company and am currently evaluating switching to ColdFusion Builder 2016 from Dreamweaver as our primary IDE.  As such, I'm having a bit of a learning curve finding some neccessary items for our development and deployment strategy currently in place.  Granted our set up is not the best, and if I would have been around when it was initially designed, would have done it differently, but doing a complete change at this time is not really an option.


      Our current set up, every developer has a local server configured (we are currently developing in CF9, but I'm working on getting us switched to CF2016, lots of issues to work out with that).  When a developer is working on stuff and ready to test it on a our staging server, they compare files to the remote staging server, merge any changes that other developers may have made, then upload the new version to the staging server.  This is all handled through RDS currently.


      As part of the upgrade I was thinking about having us switch to using Coldfusion Builder as it is a better IDE since it's really just Eclipse with Adobe's name on it and a few extra tools.  I've gotten a lot of issues worked out but where I'm stuck at is recreating the compare -> upload steps.  I cannot find anyway to compare to a remote server without downloading the file locally then selecting both in the Navigator and doing compare to each other.  In Dreamweaver that process is as simple as Right Click -> Compare with remote server.  The only way I've found to upload is extremely tedious having to go through Export -> Remote File System -> Specifying a destination folder -> Finally clicking Finish to upload.  In Dreamweaver it's a simple Ctrl+Shift+U or Right click -> Put.  Also, pulling things down from the server are equally tedious, where in Dreamweaver it's a simple Right Click -> Get.


      I see a lot of references to this:

      Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2.0 * Deploy projects over FTP and Secure FTP connections

      However, that method does not apply to Coldfusion 2016.  There is no Synchronization option when right clicking on the project in the navigator.  The only place I can find anything concerning synchronization is in the Team Synchronization perspective, however I can't find anything in it that makes any sense.  If I try to synchronize something, the only option I'm given is to "Sychrnoize with Patch" which does me no good.  After seeing that I though maybe there would be some automated way to create a patch file based on changes to files, but I don't see anyway to do that either.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.  My googlefu on this one is failing to be up to the task apparently.  I really like a lot of the features of CB2016 over Dreamweaver, especially the built in line level debugger.  But I can't recommend it as an upgrade if it's going to make some of our routine actions way more tedious.





      I also just noticed when doing an Export there is a Review / Synchronize option.  I got excited by that possibly being a solution and my hopes were quickly ruined when it did absolutely nothing.  Even having selected a remote desintation folder clicking Finish on the Export screen with Review / Synchronize option selected, the window just goes away and nothing else happens.  No review / synchronize window or anything is opened.