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    Flex/CF vs xhtml/CF

    99999simbull Level 1
      Hi all, whilst I have kept one eye on flex I have never ventured in.

      I currently build and maintain a internal application, consists of various functions such as customer data management, sales data management etc etc..

      my question is, as a complete flex newbie, what is the benefit of me using flex (and coldfusion) or as i currently do, html web pages and coldfusion...?

      Many thanks in advance
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          Ratsnackbar Level 2
          It greatly depends on your intended purpose or “Use Case” of your application really. So this is not something simple to answer without knowing that. But the biggest reason I chose Flex over traditional xHTML (Web 1.5 :) technologies is if the application I am building needs to act and function more like a desktop application rather then a WebSite. Think statefull vs. stateless.

          So for intranet applications, command and control applications, generally anything that requires a rich UI and there is no need for extensive SEO within the application. I would use Flex.

          For simple information sites with little user interactivity, other then navigation, where a majority of the application is simple text, (wiki's, pamphlet sites, ect...) or when I need to make sure that the site is indexable by the major search engines (not so much a problem anymore) then I use xHTML.

          More and more however I find less and less of a reason to drop back to any form of xHTML and am finding that just about everything I would even need I can accomplish in Flex. Now that Google and Yahoo are introspecting and indexing SWF files the SEO is less of a problem (though not perfect yet).
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            Ratsnackbar Level 2
            Oh yeah! And the reason for using ColdFusion with Flex is simply that every other server side language blows chunks when compaired side by side with CF. :D And it's also very easy to use with Flex.