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    After Effects GPU

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      Where can I see if After Effects recognizes my graphics card? All of a sudden it started running super slow, Element stopped working and gave tons of errors, and now I re-installed Element 3D and it says that my video card does not support this configuration? I' ve got the latest After Effects CC 2017 and an i7 4770K and GTX 970. At project settings > video rendering and effects > its set to Mercury GPU acceleration (CUDA).


      Thanks for any help. Maybe someone knows this Element error on itself ( how to fix. )


      - Quinten

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant


          Without exact system info nobody can tell you much, but the obvious thing would be that CC 2017 is of course once again rather rubbish and full of bugs and in addition you may simply have changed some setting in your graphics driver.



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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It sounds a lot more like an issue with your GPU. I had something similar happen. Windows updated and it borked my GPUs. It was a pretty simple fix though. I just went to NVIDIA's site and downloaded and installed the newest driver for my cards.