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    Background color not showing

    Chisnamic Level 1

      Hello everyone , I am new to after effects  and I don't know anything about after effects , layers , composition . . . NOTHING ! ! !     So I'll be asking you some  ' very stupid questions '  along the way  so please pardon my ignorance.


      Question No.1 :  I've started my first lesson by  composition > new composition etc. but when I click and select a background color , etc the color does not show up in the composition panel . . . . what am I doing wrong ?



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          Mohammad.Harb MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you get a tranpsarent background like a grid  (  checkerboard )  there is a button called Toggle transparency grid ( it looks like a grid )


          let us know if that helps.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The background color of a comp WILL NOT RENDER. The only use for adding a background color is to provide edge color adjustments to alpha channels when they are rendered pre-multiplied with color. There is no other practical use for a composition background color.


            If you want a colored background add a colored solid to the composition and put it on the bottom layer.


            I have never met anybody that has successfully just opened up After Effects and started working with any kind of success. If you are new please start here: Basic AE


            You also need to study up on video standards and video compression. When you first start out none of you compositions should say Custom in the Composition settings and you should not modify any of the output module or Adobe Media Encoder rendering presets.

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