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    Uploading more than one image an hour - is it possible?

    Gary S .308

      I cannot keyword  more than one image at a time.  In many cases when I finish keywording an image, when I click on "SAVE" the red bar flashes across the top of the page telling me to "Fix" the problem. I am then unable to select the offending image to make any corrections. I must either log off or delete the image to keyword another image or try to figure out what it is I need to do to "Fix" the offending image.  Is there a place where there are EXPLICITE DETAILED instructions about how to upload images.  I would like to keyword more than one image at a time too.  I cannot find any instructions of any kind to accomplish this.  It takes me hours to load 4-5 images and unless I can find a way to streamline the process without having to redo every image several times I will quit Adobe, with glee.

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          RBChauDavis Level 2

          Uploading from Lightroom has worked well for me.  I set up the metadata in Lightroom along with the title. Right click (PC)  'Adobe Stock' under the Publish Services tab and then select 'Publish Now.'  After publishing Lightroom gives me a link where I can go quickly pick the general category; put the tags in order of priority instead of the Lightroom default alphabetical order; and, handle the release or click no if not necessary.  The Lightroom publish service can do one or many, automatically converts other formats to jpg as part of the upload without creating a duplicate on my hard drive.   Since I use Lightroom to develop the raw images it is remarkably easy flow through process for me. I only edit tags on the web if I want to add or delete tags (spellcheck...) after the image has been accepted.