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    Moving files weird after updating to Lightroom CC 2015.8  ... Any shared experiences or fixes?


      In short:

      • macOS Sierra Version 10.12.2
      • NEVER had any issues moving files in LR with previous LR versions, with current or previous OS's.
      • Just updated to LR CC 2015.8
      • I do same move actions as before and now EVERY TIME:
        • "From" folder persists - greyed out
        • The moved files show in the Library Grid View immediately - but along with what appears to be ALL my other images in all folders (>40k when I "control A')  
        • "NEW" folder location does not appear IN LR, but does show in Finder (with all the moved files)  Even when I use a networked PC using windows finder all the moved images are in the correct moved location at this point.
        • If I quit LR (but I choose not to backup the library) and then restart LR - immediately all the folders are now correct.  All the moved images are in their correct folder as moved.
        • It appears to me LR has lost track of ALL the image files before I quit, but somehow lurking in the background LR really knew where they all are all the time, since the quit and restart (magically) recovers everything correctly.
      • I am totally confounded.
      • Any one else seen this weird behaviour?  (I don't think it's my weird behaviour!)
      • Any fixes?
      • I am non technical, but very happy to supply more info to the best of my non technical capacity if asked.

      Thanks very much