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    Import mode "create folder issue…"

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      In the right hand tab of settings on the Import modal dialogue there is a section for the Destination (save location). If you right click on a folder (directory) on any drive you get three contextual-menu items: Create New Folder… (problematic), Dock Folder (no idea what this is but it can have a check mark against it) &  Show in Finder (just works).


      The Create New Folder produces OS dialogue for choosing a folder not creating a new folder. I can't get it to work.


      When I go to finder and create the new folder that way, the new folder is not apparently updated in Lightroom's caché of the disk file structure, because I can actually see or choose it. Very frustrating. I come across flaky stuff in CC apps now on almost a daily basis. why keep rushing new version of the software out if you can't maintain a stable code base in any of your apps Adobe? So looking for a ship to jump to. Wont be Apple products i run to either, same problem.

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          So exiting the Import dialogue and coming back the new folder I created in Finder is now visible and selectable as the destination. But what's with all these virtual folders with dates inside it and counts/total numerical suffixes? It's is one thing bout Lightroom that frustrates the crap out of me, this automated folder creating garbage, even though Apertures vault that was inaccessible from Finder was even worse.


          Screenshot 2017-02-18 18.43.04.png


          None of italicised  folder names exist as real directories, in Finder the "Mercedes-in-flames" Folder is empty.


          What is this rubbish?

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            wideEyedPupil Level 1

            And now after I import I have two subfolders I would rather be without and will have to remove manually. Why Adobe?


            Screenshot 2017-02-18 18.48.28.png