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    camera raw


      when first launching the open the photo the camera raw opens automatically and camera raw does not appear under the filter menu ???? why..??

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nobody can tell you anything without exact system info or other technical details like version of PS, source of your files, camera type etc..



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            davescm Adobe Community Professional


            There are two "Camera Raws"

            The first opens automatically when you open a raw file type e.g. CR2, NEF etc. This is essential to convert the raw image from a camera into an image that can be used in Photoshop.
            The second is the Camera Raw Filter which can be applied to any open image. This was introduced in Photoshop CC. Therefore if you are using an earlier version of Photoshop (e.g. CS6 or earlier ) it will not appear in the filters menu.