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    Tracker CC2017

    tristansummers Level 1


      Does anyone know if the tracker is now completely f***ed?

      Some of us need to stabilise fotage the prroper wau seeing as warp stabiliser is a bit flakey and difficult to control properly

      Can't seem to edit target.

      Sometimes image disappears completely

      When tracking it stutters as if I have badly interpreted field order, which I have not.

      (opening Interpret footage dialogue, will not allow changes, crashes, scan't close dialogue)

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          can you share the footage? we can have a go and see what the problem is

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            tristansummers Level 1

            It's not the footage it is the interface. If you don't know of issues with the tracker then I guess it doesn't matter.

            It was mp4 so I converted it to dpx but it didn't help

            I love debugging when I'm on a tight deadline.

            Especially as it takes twice as long to render everything now since the multi-prcessing got shimmied.

            How can I use raw track data to to stabilise rotation and position, seeing as I can no longer edit target?

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I just completed a difficult track using motion stabilize in CC 2017 and I did not see any changes from previous versions. Everything worked as expected, I was able to offset the search area a couple of times and had a perfectly acceptable track and nicely stabilized 14 second shot in a little less than 10 minutes.


              OSX 10.12.3 - MacBook Pro R 15 Late 2013...

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                That sounds frustrating.

                However, I've used the tracker in CC 2017 without issue too. Can you show us some screenshots of the issues you're experiencing? Also, what, exact, version number of AE are you using?

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                  tristansummers Level 1

                  I think it was a GPU cache error. And user as I don't normally use it in it's native Stabilise mode, which flashes the start reference frame before every frame and you can't edit target. Sorry again guys for my panicking!