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    Pairing Heavy CC Use with High Horsepower Hardware

    Brian Stoppee Adobe Community Professional

      Apple has reduced the lead time to get a Made to Order (MTO) MacBook Pro down to around a week or so. If you are a heavy duty Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) subscriber, that’s good news.


      When the new MacBook Pros were introduced in October, it was around a month wait for Apple to build one to your specifications. Of course, you can walk into an Apple Store, or many of their dealers, and they can sell you a generic one right off the shelf (OTS). But is an OTS Mac fast enough? Well, we have Apple’s previous fully loaded MacBook Pro version.


      A recent visit to the Apple display in a Best Buy proved that the newest OTS MacBook Pro performed all the basic Apple apps functionality faster than our previous king of the MacBook Pros. So, is that good enough? Is that fast enough for what we need to do? We need faster than fast.


      The short answer: No!


      As we have mentioned before, we use all of the 15 core desktop apps which come with the full subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud. That means we edit big 4K HD Premiere Pro movies with cool After Effects motion graphics. We shoot hundreds of photos in a day at 36 megapixels and manipulate them with Photoshop in the 90 megabyte range after editing them in Bridge or Lightroom and processing them in Camera Raw batches. Our Illustrator projects easily exceed 1 gigabyte. Our Animate, Dreamweaver, InDesign, and Muse projects? Big graphic-intense interactive animations. To make it even crazier, we keep a few of those apps open at a time and jump back and forth. In summary, we need serious, portable, hardware horsepower.


      So, yes. We have to pack a MacBook Pro with all the RAM and all the solid state memory we can have Apple cram in there. So if you’re a lighter CC user than we are, the OTS MacBook Pro should do the job for you.


      The thing to remember is that a great Mac or HP laptop can be with you for 3, 4, maybe 5 or more years. So, you do need to plan ahead.