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    Crashes on various systems on jpeg files created by Adobe Photoshop rel 2017.0.1


      I am using creative cloud since january 2017. I do create various jpeg and png and send it to clients. Several clients reported me problems with handling my jpeg files during uploading them to their webpages. Problems were in accepting the files to upload on web server from customers clients computers, problems displaying uploaded files on web pages (instead of picture "X" was displayed e.g. corrupted file), even OS system crashes appeared during the upload process from customers clients computers to web page. We did the test on various files and found following:


      1. with originally created jpeg files on my Adobe Photoshop above named problems occurs

      2. we then opened created jpeg files by my Adobe Photoshop in a different graphics programme e.g. GIMP on clients computer and made a blank jpeg file with the same size in the same programme as a second opened file. Then we selected all bitmap space in original Adobe Photoshop file and copy+paste it to the blank file of the same size. Then we saved this new GIMP file as jpeg and tried to upload it to webpage. It went with no error.


      Question is now:


      1. Could there be some error or difference in coding of jpeg files created in my AdobePhotoshop  and other graphics programmes that can lead to above named problems? Samples of files are available to send if necessary.

      2. Can some setup of jpeg files structure in Adobe photoshop (e.g. level of compression or other parameters) cause above named problems ?


      I work in Adobe Photoshop rel 2017.0.1 20161130.r.29 x64 as a part of Creative Cloud, OS Windows Home 10.

      Clients environment was various from Windows Pro 8, Ubuntu16.04 LTS, Mac OS El capitain....