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    reset authorization for kobo reader


      I have reached my allotted limit of re-authorizations of my kobo reader.  Adobe support tells me the forum can help me with this, but they cannot.  The reason I used so many re-authorizations is because when downloading a book from Overdrive, I got a message that says I did not have DRM permissions.  Kobo advised me to de-authorize my computer and my kobo, do a factory reset of my kobo, then reauthorize everything.  This works for awhile, then I get the same message,  requiring me to go through the same exercise.  Strangely, if I purchase a book, rather than borrow, I had no problem.  Is there a way to reset my authorization allotment?  Adobe support sent me to the forum, and said they could not address my problem.  Grrr.

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          sandras62196573 Level 1

          Sadly, I experienced a similar run around on a somewhat different issue. I was not impressed with either KOBO or ADOBE's Customer Service's techs ability to help. However, the last KOBO tech I dealt with told me about factory resets -- when I found that I could eventually get my books back on my reader using an earlier version of Windows (XP) and stopped using 10, I was greatly relieved. Good Luck. Some company has changed something and not informed all the players so they can help their long time loyal customers.

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            diamick Level 1

            Thank you for your reply, but my issue isn't with factory resets.  There is a limited number of authorizations that Adobe gives you.  I have used all of mine, and now I cannot authorize my reader.  There is a way to rectify the situation (reset the authorization allotment), but Adobe techs tell me the forum can help me.  I need to find the expert who can tell me how to do it.