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    Layer Issues CC 2017


      Hi all,


      I have an issue with normal layers where whatever I do to one affects all of the layers. These aren't adjustment layers just plain layers duplicated off of the background layer. Also the only layer I can adjust is the top one of the stack the ones below are unresponsive to any changes. I've tried restarting and going back to default with no luck. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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          S_Gans Adobe Community Professional

          It sounds to me like you're using duplicates of the pixel contents for each layer, so the top layer is completely opaque, thereby covering the pixels of the underlying layers. If you work on that top layer, you'll only see the changes on that layer, and the layers underneath won't show through the opacity, nor will they be affected. You would have gotten this, if you'd used Layer>New>Layer via Copy, or by duplicating your base layer or by cmd/ctrl J.


          Depending on the changes you're making, you may be wanting to work on New Blank Layers above your original layer (hit the foldy piece of paper icon on the bottom of the layers panel). Then you end up with completely transparent pixels on which you can draw or add items (and where there're no pixels, you'll see through to the layers underneath). Then, to adjust or work further on each of these layers. you'd be sure to click on the layer you want to manipulate, in the layers panel, make sure it's highlighted, and you'll have focused Photoshop's attention on just that layer.

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            paulw4807612 Level 1

            Thank you for your reply. What I'm trying to do is some frequency separation. So I'm duplicating the background layer twice then applying gaussian blur to the top layer but it gets applied to all of the layers. And the top layer is the only one that anything can be done to. I've used photoshop for quite a long time now and have duplicated laters with no problems until now after updating to CC2017. Here's a short video showing the issue Untitled on Vimeo

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              rudo123 Level 2

              I see no problem in your video. If you want to hide top layer with your new drawing/editing, just click on "eye" before name of layer. Not just clicking on layers - you just selected clicked layer, but your top layer is still showing.

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                paulw4807612 Level 1

                Thank you, you're right - I think I may be losing the plot. I've only been using photoshop on and off for 15 years.

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                  davescm Adobe Community Professional


                  The video shows you have blending mode set to "normal" on the top layer and opacity at 100%. Set that way anything you do on the layer below will not be visible, it is covered up by the top layer.
                  You can temporarily switch the layer visibility off with the eye symbol. For frequency separation you will need to change the layer blending mode.





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                    S_Gans Adobe Community Professional

                    Looks like I got back too late to see the video of the issue (no longer available), but I'm glad you got these answers!