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    NVIDIA drivers and Camera Raw and Photoshop CC


      Image previews and thumbnails look tiled or broken on Windows 10 when using Camera Raw, CC

      I have Windows 10,64 BIT

      16GB RAM

      500GB SSD

      2TB hard drive

      NVIDIA GTX 960 graphics card.

      I only have a single graphics card in the computer but I have a BenQ SW2700PT, which has an image processing chip which is used for hardware calibration and is independent of the NVIDIA card.

      I have recently started to have the above issue and have tried all the troubleshooting options on the Adobe web site. If I disable 'use Graphics processor' in Camera Raw preferences the issue stops. .

      The Driver fix 375.86 reccommended in the Adobe solutions appears to be for Dell Quadro systems, does not apply to my graphics card. The earliest driver i can return to is

      WHQL Version: 372.90 - Release Date: 21 September 2016.


      any solutions welcome