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    Color swatches suddenly not available when creating a gradient

    kfrissell Level 1

      HI there. I just had two things happen that I haven't seen before.


      I'm in Indesign 2017 CC. Had an ad file suddenly say it could not save. Or save as. No error message at all. Just when I went to save it it would not save.


      This happened right after I had made a gradient swatch.


      So, I go to start over. Tried to make a new gradient swatch on a new file. This time the whole area is grayed out. All I can do is change from linear to radial, and move the black and white scroll bar at the bottom. I'm hoping it will allow me to attach a screen shot here.


      I found a thread but it was for ID6 and it didn't solve the problem. Has anyone else had this happen before? I've opened other docs and it happens everywhere now so I'm thinking something has gotten corrupted in the program.


      Amazing how these things only happen when you are on a deadline. Thanks for any help anyone can offer

      Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 2.21.55 PM.png