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    Click Clone Drag Drop

    ratna_282017 Level 1

      Please help, i am working with action script 2.0 and using Adobe Flash CS6. I want to make a teaching media.

      The scenario is: I have 3 different objects, and I want the user to click the object -then the object clone 1 time/click, and the cloned is draggable.

      But all I have now is a condition to: duplicate 1 time every click but disappear in the second click and create a new object again, and the object is not draggable.

      here is script for 1 object:


           amount = 10;
           while(amount>0) {
           duplicateMovieClip (_root.circle, "mc" + i, i);
           setProperty("mc" + i, _x, 187.95+30*1);
           setProperty("mc" + i, _y, 154);
           setProperty("mc" + i, _alpha, random(275));
           i = i + 1;
           amount = amount-1;