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    Noninitiated Popup Prompt Problem - Delete Rejected Photos while Culling


      Someone Please help this is getting really annoying!!!


      I've been using Lightroom since version 3, so I'm not new to it's functions.  Recently sometime late last year and currently an annoying thing is happening to me while culling my photos.  As I'm going through my photos in the Library module in the Loupe view mode as I've always done to flag my photos to keep or reject I get this annoying uninitiated popup prompt


      irritating Delete Rejected Photos Pop-up.JPG


      I will select "Cancel" to continue, but then it may popup again maybe 3 photos later.  When I'm culling I may zoom into the image using the cursor by hovering over the area then clicking.  This action will also seem to initiate the popup..  When the popup occurs the background photo will default to the first photo marked for rejection.  After I choose "cancel" Lightroom will return me back to the photo that I was currently on prior to the popup.  These popups seem to occur whether I'm culling in the Library module or performing some function in the Develop module.  The problem mostly occurs in the Develop module when I zoom or pan, but not as often.  I noticed that while culling in the Library module if I keep my cursor in Navigator pane and zoom using the "Z" key the popups do not occur.  If I move my cursor to select any other function I must avoid moving it over the image in the Loupe pane, so that the popups will not occur.  Yes, sometimes the error occurs by simply passing the cursor over the Loupe View.  Having to work around this problem is absolutely annoying.


      Yes, I have reset my preferences several times and the problem still occurs.


      I'm using Windows 10 and Lightroom CC 2015.8