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    Contact Form Widget Error

    urgescape14 Level 1

      Website Contact form displaying incorrectly and not submitting.


      This problem occurred after the CC 2017 update and remains a problem after the latest 2017.0.2 update.




      On the Contact Page I have inserted a contact form from the widgets library.


      PROBLEM #1: It displays fine when in Preview Mode.  However, upon publication and opening in web browser, data entry into the contact form does not clear the input box instructions.  In other words, when you type your NAME in the "NAME" box  it overlaps the box title "Enter Name" making for gibberish.


      PROBLEM #2:


      Even after entering the data in the appropriate boxes and fulfilling the reCaptcha test, clicking submit returns this error:


      {"MusePHPFormResponse": {"success": false, "error": ""}}


      The email address is set to  @mydomain and I have tried it with a public gmail account with the same error results.