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    Why doesn't the text at the end of my document extend on to the extra pages I've created?

    jeffreym10412212 Level 1

      I'm new to InDesign, and I'm editing a book for the first time.  I've created separate documents for each chapter, I saved several "Paragraph Styles" for formatting the document, and I put all of those into a "book."  Then I saved all of the chapters in my "Pages" doc as individual .txt files so there is no formatting to the text.  I "Placed" the text into the appropriate chapter's document while holding the Shift Key and it created multiple "A-Master" pages where the text can be seen.  I've also added several "blank" pages to the end of the document, and they have the same "A-Master" setting as the rest of the pages.  As I'm editing, the document is getting longer. 


      My question is....  Why isn't the text moving onto the additional pages I added to the end of the document?  The text is just disappearing off the bottom of the initial last page of the document, and not flowing over onto the additional pages I added before I started to edit the document.  Once again, I'm very new to InDesign, and I don't know all of the lingo yet, so please be patient with me while I'm asking questions.


      Thank you,