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    The File appears to be unsupported or damaged

    Normski4ash Level 1

      All images from my Sony A7II show up in lightrooms library OK, as soon as I try to go to the develop module I get "The File appears to be unsupported or damaged"

      I can open the files in Bridge, ACR & Photoshop. but not lightroom.

      Pictures taken on the same day with a 5DIII work OK. I have checked for updates and it tells me I have the most up to date version ! Is lightroom just for tethered capture ? because as it stands right now it is completely useless for my Sony.

      I am toying with getting the latest A7R2, but if that won't work either what's the point in having lightroom. Might as well just stick with Bridge & ACR, or even Affinity Photo, that works OK with the same Sony files.