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    Opinion On New Build for AE + Premiere + C4D


      Hello guys,

      I'ts hard to miss the value you guys provide, really appreciate it, Thanks!

      I'm planing to get into editing more seriously, and invest in a workstation for heavy After Effects CC, Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC, Premiere Pro CC and Cinema 4D work.

      I've been editing on i5 and 8gb PC for close to 4 years now and finally have enough money to buy my BIG upgrade.


      I'm not savvy at all when it comes to hardware, hence here I am looking for advice.

      After lurking any comments and watching hours of videos - I've come with the following rig:


      Intel Core i7-6950X 3.0GHz 10-Core Processor

      Corsair H100i v2


      Asus GTX 1080 ROG STRIX 8GB

      G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 Series(16GBx8)(128GB)

      SAMSUNG 960 PRO M.2 1TB SSD (media & cache)

      SAMSUNG 850 PRO SSD SATA III 512GB (os & apps)


      Corsair 750D Airflow ATX Full Tower Window Case

      Corsair 1200W 80+ Platinum AX1200i


      What would you all recommend I should keep (if any) and what should I replace?

      Thanks in advance and apologies if the topic is tiring for people but speaking for myself I am at a loss.

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          just a heads up, the new amd ryzen cpu's are going to be out soon. so far rumors suggest the top 8 core cpu will be around $500 and performs as well as the intel 8 core in some programs. they are a wild card right now as we don't know how they will perform with adobe software, or if there might be any compatibility/bug issues. they will also have limited expansion options if loading up on multiple video cards etc.


          decent parts list, but mostly i would opt for air cooler.


          cooler- the noctua NH-D15S will cool similarly, but be quieter and no risk of leaks or pump failures. a second fan can be added that can help cool it a few more degrees, but usually not enough to make it worth it unless doing high overlock. it will fit in most big cases, but its good to double check the cpu cooler clearance for the case you pick. the cooler is listed as 160mm tall.


          mbd- the deluxe ii or WS boards are some alternatives that should have slightly better quality/reliability and more/different expansion options for the 40 pcie lanes from the cpu. the manuals should show the different options. there are a few different WS series boards, they are suppose to have better warranty/support. the deluxe ii also has a nice spot for the m.2 drive, that with an air cooler fan running can help keep the air around the m.2 drive moving and help avoid thermal throttling with the ssd.


          ram- fast memory around ddr4-3000mhz can help with any gpu accelerated functions or programs. the memory qvl can be helpful if you want to check it, but normally memory compatibility isn't an issue.


          storage- if you are just using the hdd for archive/backups, you may want to look at an enterprise model like the WD Gold. they tend to have lower failure rates and data/file corruption, and some cost similar to the wd black models.


          case- if you don't plan on installing a dual slot card at the last slot on the motherboard, you won't need a full tower case and will have more options to choose from. some mid tower cases will have the same amount of fan spots, if not more. phanteks and fractal design make good cases if you want more options. if you install the m.2 ssd in the x99 strix motherboard, or add a second m.2 later in a pcie slot, having fan mount(s) on the side panel can also help with airflow at or near the m.2. if you want to go liquid cooled, an inverted case like the corsair 600c or 600q (both full size atx) might help avoid liquid leaks going over the system components by mounting the rad at the front or bottom. the only thing i don't like with those cases are the psu at the top getting warm/hot air, but shouldn't be too bad with good air flow or blower style gpu.