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    GTX 1080 and CUDA enabled, won't work anyway?


      Hey there! I'm quite new. I've started using adobe After FX just a few days ago on a Trial basis. I've set up my GTX 1080 on CUDA, manually as some videos suggest, but I can't still manage to make it work. All the job is made by my i5 which obviously can't handle such load.


      I've checked every single video on youtube for 2 days and I can't come up with an answer. What am I doing wrong? Why is it still exporting the video via CPU and not GPU?


      Again, I'm quite new so any suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are using cc2017 uninstall the CUDA driver and turn off Cuda acceleration in After Effects Preferences. Do not use Ray-traced rendering. It is no longer being developed and did not ever live up to expectations. For most projects the Classic rendering engine is what you want to use. If you want to try extruding text or shape layers or bending layers then use the C4D renderer. It will automatically utilize your GPU if it is compatible.


          Second suggestion, work with your composition panel resolution set to Auto, use the default HDTV presets for your composition sizes and use the supplied rendering options for Output Module or the Adobe Media Encoder. Custom settings are for experts.


          Run through some of the training on the Adobe site. AE is not at all intuitive and does not behave like a non linear editor. It is not an editing tool, it is a tool for creating effects shots and animated graphics that you cannot create in a Non Linear Editor. Keep you compositions short and limit them to one shot. You'll have less frustration and learn more than trying to do a 5 minute movie in AE. Most of my work in AE is effects and compositing shots for movies. It a very rare day when I have an AE comp that is longer than 7 seconds and it is extremely rare for me to put more than one shot in a single comp.