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    Exporting problem - video is zoomed in when exported




      I'm having troubling exporting a video correctly. When I render & export, the video file (.f4v) is zoomed in. I've read elsewhere that this might be a problem with the original footage size not matching the sequence settings, but I've checked and all files are listed as "scale to fit".


      I'm using Elements 12. Export settings are: F4V, 1920x1080, Frame Rate: Same as source.


      Included in the video are a few clips from video games that I scaled to a larger size (as the original videos were all too thin to fill the screen width-ways). There's also a few title scenes in which text appears over a blank, black background, with video files fading in. Other than that, there's nothing unusual to my normal use and I've never had this issue before.


      Can anyone suggest a fix? Thanks for your help!