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    Ae Rendering.


      ciao, uso Ae per montare una grafica su un video. Il video è di 25 minuti, e per effettuare il rendering ci mette 1 ora. In più quando converto il filmato mi dice che il Disco del computer è quasi pieno. Ma il Computer l ho appena comprato è nuovo!

      come posso risolvere tale problema???????

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A one hour render for a 25 minute video is pretty fast. If it is a simple video you would probably be better off using the Adobe Media encoder to render an H.264 MP4 using one of the presets that matches your frame size and frame rate.


          It would help if we knew what you were going to do with the video when it is rendered. Please give more details.

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            Wohgan Level 1

            Thanks for reply!

            this is the point....

            i make a video with QuickTime, and after I want use Ae for put up the video one image PNG. Only that. I bought yesterday a new Pc and I can't understand why after 3/4 of rendering my pc say MEMORY FULL! and can't save the video.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Without knowing anything about your comp settings, output settings, storage locations etc. nobody can advise. You are probably simply running out of temp space.



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                Wohgan Level 1

                thank you! Now is ok!

                i did a rendering with Adobe Media Encoder.

                i didn't understand why! With Ae for me is impossible doing a rendering, but with Adobe Media Encoder I can!

                Now I have just one more question.

                i want put on the graphic design a Animate gif. But if I put the gif with Ps, don't have a white space behind( and obviously not move) but If I put the gif in Premiere or Ae have a white space behind. what can I do ?


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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  The best practice for creating GIFs is to render your video out of After Effects into something like QuickTime with the PNG codec (because it supports transparency) and then bring that file into Photoshop to create your GIF. Not only will you be able to do one with transparency, but the colors will look better too.

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                    Wohgan Level 1

                    No, sorry!

                    I have a GIF File.

                    I want put this GIF(2 sec) on a video(27 minutes).

                    But I have 2 problem.

                    This Gif have a transparency, but when I bring this file in to Ae, the transparency is white.

                    The second problem is: I want the gif have a same Time of the video(27 minutes).

                    Because the video Talking about this instrument, so I want the people can watch this instrument for all time.

                    And I think is better have this instrument in movement than only one picture!

                    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!


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                      Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      You can use the Keying>Extract effect to remove the white.

                      Or you can save each frame of the GIF out of Photoshop as a PNG with transparency and then just import the PNG sequence into AE.