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    A Question if I Can Return


      Hello, thank you for looking on my post!


      Okay, to start, you'll need a little "back-history." My mom bought me Premier Elements a while back, maybe about 3-4 months I speculate, or assume.  I also convinced her to get the Photography plan, so I could advance my skills in photography and editing, as a whole. Now, I know there's the policy where I could've return Elements after a months purchase, however, a month is long gone. So here's my question, or request, if in any way possible.'


      If, somehow, I could return Elements, or know if you could give me this possibility. It would be too much to ask my parents to get me Adobe Premier Pro (I want Pro because color grading, advanced editing, etc.). Plus, not only did I get them to get me Elements and the Photoshop plan, I got a Steadicam, Rode Mic, and so on, so forth, which amounts to a hefty, hefty amount. Haven't really bought anything since (this was a few months back). Here's a test video (this video is from my project I'm editing, wanted to test the quality on YouTube. It's not the one I'm using though, it caught lighting in the background). Anyways, here's the link:My new video project1 - YouTube  (it was on private, I'm going to put it on public for a very short time, non of my friends know about this, want to keep this to myself). Also, that's not my channel I'll be uploading on...it's a test channel to test the quality.


      So...after stating all that, here's my question: if there's absolutely anyway I can return Elements. And if I could, that means I'd have around almost $100 to spend on Premier Pro. And I know I have to commit for one entire year, but is there any way where I could be allowed to only commit for half a year? So that I won't be forced to eventually pay $200, and if I do find success on YouTube, of course I'd continue the plan for a whole year, and probably forever, I presume (I really, really love the products you put out, excellent tools).


      I know I may seem like I'm begging, and you have all the reasons to think I am. If this is not possible, I fully, 100% understand. Thank you once more, and thank you to whoever took their time to read this. I really appreciate it.