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    Premium Only Photos [Only want to see Standard License photos. Any way to filter out Premium Only photos when searching?]


      Recently my searches for Stock Photos are full of photos that can only be licensed as "Premium", typically at $299 to $499. A Premium only photo is only apparent when you mouse over or select, not when you are perusing photos. My use of Stock is such that I would never buy a Premium photo, but do buy a lot o Standard License. This new "feature" fills up my screen with photos I can't use and many times I like something only to be disappointed that the one I selected is not covered by my monthly subscription.  Filtering by [$] [$$] [$$$] doesn't seem help.


      Is there a way to NOT get any Premium Only photos on my search results. This has greatly reduced the usability of Adobe Stock and my force a change from my all-Adobe-products-with-Stock premium subscription.