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    3M Cloud Reader recent update hijacks ADE ID

    patriciaw48359390 Level 1

      Since my 3M Cloud Reader desktop app for Windows recently updated I can no longer download books from my library Overdrive account (Says "Check Activation") . I also can I no longer open/return books from ADE & get an activation error.


      Both 3M & OD use to work off the same ADE ID & 3M books & OD books both downloaded to the desktop ADE app. This is no longer the case. In Windows, 3M now downloads to  C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\Bibliotheca\cloudLibrary\PROD\ebooks. 


      When the 3M app update installs it asks if you want to use a 3M generated ID or your own unique ID to authorize ADE. I choose my own ADE ID as this is the same ID I have used in the past for both 3M & OD. Now 3M works with this ID & downloads proprly but OD does not.  While my computer has only 1 authorized ADE ID it does not appear to work for the Overdrive library account any longer.


      Unfortunately, the troubleshooting directions in 3M's support page are no longer relevant due to the update & there is no way to contact their tech support. I saw the note on merging accounts but it does not seem relevant in this case. Also, Overdrive is not on the list of account types that can be merged.


      If anyone can help I would be most appreciative.