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    Sum numeric fields based on selected checkboxes

    sw777 Level 1

      I have an Adobe Acrobat form with seven (7) text boxes that contain numeric fields formatted as currency. These are the fees for each subject in a course.


      Beside each fee there are two checkboxes that operate exclusively (like radio buttons). The Export Values for each of the two checkboxes are Enrol and RPL.


      Here's a screenshot of part of the form...


      The textbox field names are as follows...










      At the bottom of the form is another currency text field named CourseFee (highlighted blue).


      I need the course fee to sum the fees in the other seven text fields, but I only want to include those with the associated "Enrol" checkbox selected. If "RPL" is selected there will be no charge for that subject.


      The "Enrol" and "RPL" checkboxes are automatically selected in specific configurations when exclusive checkboxes A, B, or C are selected (these are on another part of the form and are working perfectly). Clicking "A" selects all "Enrol" boxes, "B" selects "RPL" for 5 and "Enrol for 2, "C" selects "RPL" for 6 and "Enrol" for 1.


      After this pre-selection occurs and the CourseTotal is displayed, any of the "Enrol" or "RPL" checkboxes can be subsequently changed and the CourseTotal is to update immediately.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.