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    Cannot Import photos

    OG1970 Level 1


      I am new to this forum, but I have not found an answer to my particular problem while searching it.

      I am using a MacBook Pro with Mac OS X Sierra 10.12.3 and have been using Lightroom for a couple years (I am now using version 6.8). Since I upgraded to Sierra a few weeks ago, I cannot import photos anymore, whether they are on a USB drive on directly on my hard drive. Every time I try to import photos, I get a message which says (sorry for the translation, as my message appears in french "Impossible to copy a file towards the destination folder as it is not accessible for writing" ("Impossible de copier un fichier vers le dossier de destination, car il n'est pas accessible en écriture.")

      However, I have checked all permissions and the status of each and every image and they are absolutely not protected at all. I can and no reason for this message, which I did not get before.

      Does anyone have an idea ?

      Thanks in advance for your help,


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          dj_paige Level 10

          Sometimes, the upgrade to a new version of your operating system changes the permissions (or perhaps you have accidentally changed the Destination folder in the Lightroom Import dialog box).


          So you need to determine the exact Destination folder in the Import dialog box (it's on the right hand side) and then either

          1. in your operating system change the permissions on that exact Destination folder to show WRITE permission — OR —
          2. in Lightroom, change the Destination folder to some place that has WRITE permission
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            OG1970 Level 1

            This worked fine. I went to my OS and checked the permission for the Lightroom Masters folder, which was indeed READ only and changed it to WRITE.

            Now I can import photos again.
            Thanks dj—paige !