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    I want to edit AVI files in AFTER Effects CC


      I know it can be done .. i did a simple codec download of something in work and was able to play and edit AVI files IN AFTER EFFECTS CC after a quick restart of the PROGRAM.


      I have a very high spec machine in work and at home both running windows 10 (so none of that 'i need to know what you're working with to answer your q' bull)


      I know there's a simple codec to quickly download / plug and play.


      Im under pressure to get a vid done for the morning and cant find it.


      Any idea or help?


      I'm NOT looking to export.
      I'm NOT looking to convert, download a converter, download ANYTHING other than a simple .exe file that contains the magic codec to make.this.work.
      I need to edit and play AVI in after effects CC - that's all. This shouldn't be such an FFF problem - its 2017 - i've been relentlessly searching for 1 hour and 22 mins now. Please. before i lose it. just put me out of my misery!