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    DownloadNetThing fails in Director MX ver.10 under Windows-XP

      DownloadNetThing and getNetText returns netError 4165 when I execute following lingo command in Director MX authoring environment.

      netID = downLoadNetThing(" http://www.hostname.domain/filename.extension", "Full path to my local file")

      put netDone() ....... This shows 1
      put netError() ........ This shows 4165

      Now if I paste above http url in Internet Explorer it shows the content of the text file!

      I have installed Director MX ver 10 on Windows-XP (latest update). There is no antivirus or filewall software installed on my computer. I tried adding Director MX as application in the exception list of windows firewall. Still the operation fails.

      I would be very much thankful if someone let me know what is going wrong.
      Thanks for your time.