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    Can I separately buy Lightroom 5 + Premiere bundled with Canon cameras?




      I have found a good offer for such bundle that I would like to buy and use before deciding to switch to CC:


      Seller claims that its license is not bound to camera purchased. It was installed on only one PC and was not registered with AdobeID.


      Could you confirm that:

      1. Use of such bundle by person not owning camera bundled doesn't break the license indeed,

      2. That it was not needed to register it with AdobeID (is there separate online activation process?),

      3. There is no possibility (or no need) to deactivate Lightroom from machine used by seller?


      Thanks a lot for help,


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Unless the software license is formally transferred to you, the license owner (which is not you unless that happens) has no right to sell/pass along the software, regardless of whether they registered it or not.  Transfer an Adobe product license


          Registration and activation are two different things.  While the software has to be activated in order to be able to use it, registration is optional, but recommended as it provides a location where the activation info can be retained should you lose your own record of it, and it provides a bais for getting support, though I suspect neither of the software applications you would be getting qualify for support any longer.


          Any version of Lightroom prior to version 6 has no deactivation functionality.  If the original owner sells it to you and transfers the license they need to uninstall it as the license agreement does not allow sharing or retaining use of non-licensed software.

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