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    Printing A4 Sized Screen Capture

      Hi Guys

      I'm new to this type of thing and have managed to get myself stuck on something most of you wouldn't give a second thought to and am simply asking, can anyone help a newbie out?

      In an 800x600 screen size I'm trying to select part of a screen (i.e. 450x600) and get this to print in full A4 size. I've set up a button with the onRelease print command but whenever I print, it gives me a very small printout area.

      Can anyone please help with the correct coding on this?

      Basically what I want is to print an A4 certificate after viewing a training presenation in Captivate so any help on this coding issue would be very much appreciated so I can get a professional look to my very first project.

      Many thanks in advance

      Kind regards