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    Memory consumption and isolation of SWFs embedded in AIR

    justria Level 1
      As part of a project, I've prepared a AIR portal/host application, which allows to add other SWFs.


      On my system everything performs nicely. But I wonder, how the memory consumption correlates with the number of embedded SWFs.

      Could someone jump in here? Does AIR require X MByte and each loaded SWF additionally Y MByte? Which values apply? Or does only the first AVM instance requires huge amounts of memory, while all other allocate a small memory chunk?

      May I do things to reduce the memory footprint?


      Additionally, how do I isolate the loaded SWF correctly? E.g. I'd not be happy, if a loaded SWF could steal the focus/cursor from another SWF.

      In case loaded SWFs need services, the AIR portal/host application will be enhanced to provide a well defined set of services like loadPreference(), getContentsOfLocalFile() or handOverFocus().

      I wonder, if I can even force a loaded SWF to not do certain things, like constantly grabbing the focus.

      Any ideas here?