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    Using an external drive

    peter_calvin Level 1

      Can I access images from an external hard drive using an iPad Pro and Lightroom Mobile?  That is, If I am using something like the My Passport Wireless Pro, can I work on the images from the iPad, or at least view them?  https://www.wdc.com/products/portable-storage/my-passport-wireless-pro.html

      My Passport Wireless Pro - Portable Hard Drive | Western Digital (WD)

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          selondon Adobe Community Professional

          Similar thread to this one........


          Lightroom Mobile and MyPassport Wireless Pro


          I think you can only import from the Camera Roll in LrM, so if you get the images from the drive to the Camera Roll, that's an option.


          I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to direct sync to the drive though as I don't think LrM (and the Cloud that it syncs to) will sync to the WD file system.


          Here's an interesting article and comments:


          Accessory review: Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro: Digital Photography Review


          Also the ability sync to Creative Cloud account isn't the same Cloud where Adobe stores all the photos from LrM.


          Maybe the Adobe tech guys can feedback more?

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            PhilipDN Level 1

            Ideally I want to be able to open the images on Mypassport Wireless in LR Mobile and edit them directly off the Mypassport. That is treat the MyPassport like an external drive.

            What I have found is that you can use the upload function in the MyCloud app to open the image in LR Mobile. This will load the file onto your iPad/iPhone and open it in LR Mobile. Not quite what I want to do but its a start. Storage is limited on my iPad/iPhone and will quickly fill up.

            To load an image in LR Mobile select it in the MyCloud app then tap the upload icon (top right) then pick 'Open in'. One of the options should be 'Import with Lightroom'. If you have other apps they will appear as well including all the Social media sites. I wouldn't try sending a Raw file to Twitter though :-)