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    Full Image Tethering

    Alan Liddle



      I have recently purchased an iPad Pro to get back into my long forgotten hobby of sketching and painting. Unfortunately there are a couple of things that are bugging me with sketching on an iPad. The first is that regardless of the medium I choose to use (eg. Pencil, Charcoal, Crayon, Brush, etc) the pen to paper resistance is identical.  This issue, I am afraid, you cannot fix.


      The other issue is that typically I might want to create a piece of artwork that is up to a meter high or wide (maybe larger), while working with something like a pencil. When working with paper or canvas I can see the whole image whenever I like without much effort or moving from the small section of the piece I am working on. I would regularly glance up to take in the whole image to ensure the work I am currently doing in a small section of the piece is in keeping with the overall balance of the entire piece. On an iPad I only get to see the small section I am working on and can't see the whole image without taking my focus away from what I am doing.


      The solution to this problem is to tether the whole image (not just the zoomed in section you might be working on) to a computer screen or even a television, so that at anytime I can simply glance up to see the whole image. In the field I could tether to a laptop and at home I could tether to my TV while I am working on a piece of artwork.


      Your comments in respect to implementing such a feature would be appreciated.




      Alan Liddle

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          HI Alan,


          My apologies for taking so long to respond.


          Unfortunately there's just no way to mimic the various textures of different drawing media. Hopefully at some point you'll get used to that (Similarly, it was the "slippery" nature of styuses that used to really bother me; Apple's Pencil made that a lot better.)


          About your tethering concept... It sounds like what you're suggesting is similar to the dual-view editing in photoshop (whereby it's possible to stay zoomed in to a specific spot and view the entire image simultaneously). Unfortunately, as great an idea as it is, I can't say that I've ever heard this topic discussed among the product team (it's actually the first time I've ever heard it suggested as a feature) so I don't have any insight about whether it might eventually be incorporated into the  drawing apps.


          I can assure you that I'll bring it up with the drawing teams though. Sorry I can't offer more information than that.



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            Alan Liddle Level 1

            Hi Sue,


            Thanks for replying. You mention that the tethered image wouldn't have the same colours, but that isn't why it is needed. It is more for seeing the overall balance of the art piece at a glance. I am surprised that more people haven't thought of it or think it is a good idea.


            Thanks again.


            Alan Liddle  


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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi Alan.




              Yep. Completely understood what you meant. I'm as surprised as you are that it hasn't been brought up before... It's a  great idea.



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                Alan Liddle Level 1

                Hi Sue,


                I can only guess that traditional artists are slow to take up this new technology. I suppose it is only the traditional artist who would understand the concept. If a budding artist starts out using an iPad they simply won’t know what they are missing out on.


                I would love to see the feature introduced. Considering you have already developed tethering technology, I wouldn’t think it would be that hard to implement – said by a software developer on the verge of retiring to pursue his original love of art ☺