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    Issues Exporting Render Video Photoshop CC 2017

    SanityJinx Level 1

      I have upgraded to a new laptop, and have purchased/subscribed to Photoshop CC. On my old laptop, I had been using Photoshop Cs5 Extended. I use Photoshop primarily to Export Render Videos (actually to make gifs) after applying Topaz Clean filters, and in order to save those types of gifs you have to first export them as render videos. If you go to export a Topaz filtered gif via Save For Web your Photoshop will crash. So, Export Render Video it is.


      I had always been able to export perfect render videos using Cs5 on my old laptop. These were the settings:


      Unfortunately, with my 2017 Photoshop CC, I no longer have these export options. Instead, I have the following:


      If I export a video in my current PS CC 2017, it does not properly preserve my sharpness + topaz lab filters. It's slightly blurry, and the sharpness is different than if I were to have exported it from my Cs5 Extended version of PS. I tried downloading QuickTime onto my new laptop to see if I could then use Quicktime Movie as an export option instead of Adobe Media Encoder, but downloading QuickTime made my PS malfunction to the point I couldn't open it, and I had to uninstall QuickTime, and Photoshop. (Then reinstall, of course.)


      All I need is to be able to export from PS CC 2017 as I had been able to export from Cs5 Extended. What is it in the Adobe Media Encoder that is making the Topaz filters + sharpness go wonky? How can I fix this?


      Thanks for your help and support.