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    Need some help using actions in photoshop cc 2014


      Whats up board. I recently gotten into the photoshop world. A friend gave me an old editing laptop with various design programs one being photoshop cc 2014. I was primarily using Corel, but ive been wanting photoshop to really take my stuff next level. I stayed away because i was afraid of the learning curve. But couldnt continue to put it off as i want better more pro look designs. Stroke a luck and now i have an old version but a good place to cut my teeth. Ive researched for the past few days from everything from adding a layer to blending photos to special effects. Ive noticed there are all sorts of addons which really brings images to life through various effects. One such addon is actions. Before i posted this, i watched a few tutorials and read through some websites and it seems ive installed them correctly as they were fairly easy to install and ease of use was great as the videos and tutorials made them appear. Well all was good until a few actions i attempted to use kept giving me error messages saying a command was not available or a brush or filter or background all not available. Per my understanding i loaded up the actions correctly even knew some may take a while to load depending on the image. I was fine with that, but even while sitting through, so many items being unavailable couldnt really tell if it worked or not. It looked nothing like the tutorials and none mentioned this fatal error. Even my search for answers revealed i wasnt the only one with this problem. Also none really answered and what was answered, ive done thru and thru. Cant seem to figure what im doing wrong. Now actions with a small task list will work but its mostly just altering a photo color or saturation or glow effects all which i really dont need an action for unless im trying to something random and need a quick edit. There was dispersion and sandstorm etc installed and those really cool intense effects gives me nothing but error messages. Also note friend never used the photoshop so couldnt offer any help. He said he put it on there with some addons to eventually get into it but never did. And just got away from it. Please help anyone. I really want to get this and advance. Any tutorials  videos, books etc please recommend. Should i just give up on actions and learn how to create the effects  manually? I know pretty much anything can be done in ps but i cant seem too get past anything that looks like what i do in corel. What am i doing wrong. Btw nothing seems to work even a blending images tutorial doesnt go as smooth as the vid make it seem and the look is just not there. Sorry for the long post just frustrated and desparate at this point everything makes ps seem so easy and user friendly. Im pulling my hair out! Thanks in advance

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          An error like command not available usually means your document does not meet some requirement the action depend on.  Not to worry CC 2014 is subscription software and should stop functioning soon if you do not have an Adobe subscription.  If it does not your friend did not give you a CC 2014 trial.  He gave you stolen software. Perhaps it is also broken.


          If you want Photoshop it cost $120 a year payable $10 a month.


          Crafting Actions Package UPDATED Aug 10, 2014 Added Conditional Action steps to Action Palette Tips.


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            richardf54365776 Level 1

            While I thank you for responding, this answer solved nothing. Just like the help I attempted to find online before coming to the board. Very vague and seems as if you were trying to sell me a product versus actually trying to understand what I was asking. It must be broken? The answer coming from a professional or someone who I assumed they know what they are speaking on. This help was laughable at best. Well just so it is known, unlike most I knew I would get no real assistance so I kept clicking and prodding around and actually figured it out. Its not stolen or broken smh..What was happening was I was not setting a background, then running the action. Once I started doing that they actually started working with no issues. And one thing you were correct about was the image itself. Some actions work better on images than others. Poor quality images would produce little to no results. Good to best quality would show better results. And almost all worked with no issue. As a bonus the ones that didn't work I found some helpful youtube tutorials where I can create the effects from ground up and mix them up and play around for different results. Bottom line is I figured it out and will continue to just try to find a way to get my done with my work. Thank you kindly, but not helpful at all. "An error like command not available usually means your document does not meet some requirement the action depend on." What does this even mean lol and where would i have learned that? Because no help manual or tutorial explains none of that. Thanks again

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              If you wish to get help you like better.  It would be good if you followed these forum guide lines,  If you do users here will be able to provide you with more pointed useful information.  You had problems but posted no useful information relative information about you problem.   Please read:


              Supply pertinent information for quicker answers

              • The more information you supply about your situation, the better equipped other community members will be to answer. Consider including the following in your question:
              • Adobe product and version number
              • Operating system and version number
              • The full text of any error message(s)
              • What you were doing when the problem occurred
              • Screenshots of the problem
              • Computer hardware, such as CPU; GPU; amount of RAM; etc.
              • action steps failing step
              • document information
              • anything you feel may be helpful.
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                Benjamin Root MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                First off, as JJ said, all the CC versions are subscription based. Tampered versions of Photoshop are known to throw errors and not work correctly 100% of the time.


                With that out of the way, actions are not at all intelligent. What I mean is, if the action creator simply clicks on a layer, the action will reference the exact layer. If the layer is unavailable, you'll get an error. Experienced action creators can get around some shortcomings, though. Such as using "select forward layer" (Alt + ]) to select the next layer up, rather than by name.


                Long story short, there are many, many possibilities why some of the actions do not work correctly. If you post a few screen shots of the action steps expanded, maybe we could give a few pointers on how to edit the actions.


                You might also ask whoever you got the actions from if there are any specific steps to make the actions work correctly. For instance, perhaps you need a background layer, or a custom brush.