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    Photoshop PSD file "corrupt"




      Here is the problem. When I work on a new document everything is fine no problem at all. The problem is when I save and reopen the psd. Photoshop is very very slow whatever I do. Here is an exemple, I have the grid display so I hit ctrl + H and this is what happens.



      The weird thing is that I can clean the psd by creating a new document, import all the layers and save a new psd or replace the corrupt psd.


      SO. All the drivers are up to date and i'm on win7.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Is Ctrl+H Photoshop default shortcut or have you reassigned that shortcut.  The Video is so poor one can not see what your original 4 pink boxes are or what is targeted in the layers palette.  What happens looks like some long running action or script is doing something to your document not extras being toggled on or off.  Can you upload the corrupt PSD to some file sharing site and post a link to the file.