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    cloning processes

    luciaj48211369 Level 1

      Is it possible to clone an iteration on an external server and then at the time of creating a course it is possible to reproduce it exactly the same and without accessing the next screen until it is not done correctly?

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your question is a little hard to understand clearly.  Could you explain exactly what you are trying to achieve here?


          What do you mean by 'iteration'?  Are you perhaps talking about an 'instance' of a given course or module?


          Where are you talking about 'reproducing' this content?  Do you mean you want a second instance of the same identical course module to open on the end user's computer if they fail to perform some task correctly?  What would be the purpose here?

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            luciaj48211369 Level 1

            i have to develop courses and i would like to clonate the flow in a screem from a external system, i mean for example, the flow to open a bank account in a system. and then im going to ask users for doing the same flow as a exam or practice case....i am not sure if Captivate can make clonation and then ask users to replicate the flow as a exam.


            iteration means do the flow recordered as a practice or exam. (not just as a video)

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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              You can capture a software simulation in 3 modes, when training I always recommend to check the 3 options: Demo, Training and Assessment. There are only small differences between Training and Simulations, have a look at Preferences, Recording, Modes to see the differences.


              You will end up with 3 files with exactly the same work flow. The first is the Demo, to be watched passively. The second is the Training simulation, which will not have mouse objects, has Hint/Failure/Success messages and the clicks or entries in TEB's are scored. That is also the case for the Assessment simulation, which will not have Hint messages. It is up to you: in a training I teach how to copy/paste slides to a main project (same resolution) and create buttons 'Show me', 'Let me Try', 'Test me' to branch to the different types of simulations. No need to clone at all.