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    Exporting from InDesign for print pdf, I have an image and drop shadow disappearing


      Hi everyone,


      This is an issue that seems to be popping up more now that I'm creating print instead of web graphics. This has happened twice now where the image I used was missing, but now I have a drop shadow missing from the text as well. The first time, the printer said the graphic wasn't the right resolution. This time, there's nothing about the image that should be causing issues. It's a 3.5"x3.5" 300 dpi jpeg linked. It seems to only happen when I export for PDF/x-1a:2001. If I use press quality, everything is as it should be. Also, this is a replica of another hanger I created for a client (they share material), and that hanger had no issues. The only difference between the two in the information and the logo.


      What I've tried so far with InDesign: digging through my preferences, embedding the link, trying a different computer (I work with a Windows at my job and a Mac at home, both computers are exporting the same file look), but nothing seems to work. We sent the packaged files to the printer, but I would like to know what is wrong with my software that I have this same trouble with the same project on two different systems when this has never been an issue before (and isn't an issue with the last project).


      Images below show the difference between the two.

      MECA-MailinRebate-5x4-0117-noBLEEDS-01.png MECA-MailinRebate-5x4-0117-test.jpg