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    A way to know the page order with nothing but the HTML export?


      Here is the issue: Say you only have the HTML export of a site created in Muse but not the .muse file itself. How could you get the order of top level pages? Assume the website consists of top level pages only (no child/parent hierarchy).


      To recreate the issue, here is what I do:

      I create a site in Muse and add a few top level pages, namely A, B, C. Then I change the order of pages by dragging C to the left of B to make the new order A, C, B, and I save the document and take an HTML export. In the HTML export folder, the only files that can tell me the page order seems to be muse_manifest.xml and sitemap.xml. When I check their contents, I see that the file entries corresponding to the pages are not sorted the way I had them when I took the export. They are instead sorted in the order I created them, A, B, C. (By the way, I know index.html cannot be renamed, thus the files are actually named index.html, b.html, c.html).


      Does Muse write the updated page order to any document it provides with the HTML export?