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    Processing Raw Workflow




      what would you recommend for the workflow of a RAW image? I personally go thought Camera raw then some final bits in Photoshop,


      I have started using shake reduction, but I'm using this near the end of my workflow,


      should shake reduction be used at the start then bring the image into camera raw after?


      I'm wondering if adding Dehaze and clarity will effect shake reduction more at the end of the workflow,





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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          I do as much as I can in Lightroom /Camera Raw which is non destructive and then come into Photoshop for the elements that cannot be done in ACR e.g. compositing, masking etc


          TBH I rarely use shake reduction - I prefer to get as much of the image right from the start - that means trying to take the initial image without shake, using a tripod/support/ convenient wall etc as much as possible.



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            kibble0 Level 1

            Cheers Dave for the reply


            normally im just walking about taken pictures thus the reason for using shake reduction but its only a very small amount I would use,


            I do like using shake reduction but i have to say its abit strong/harsh,


            normally i would make a copy of the layer and apply shake reduction, then use a mask and keep what i want, I looked into changing the opacity and blend layer but it dose not do a good job,


            any ideas?

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              D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              TBH I rarely use shake reduction


              Yeah. If there's motion blur, I toss it. No mercy, out it goes.


              Explore high ISO, large aperture, whatever it takes to keep shutter speed high enough.


              In general, the golden rule applies: Get everything right as early as possible in the process. So that's scene > camera > raw processing > pixel editing. When you get really good at it, you no longer need Photoshop at all (and have saved yourself a ton of time and effort).

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                kibble0 Level 1

                Im using an old 7d which has alot of grain at even at 320 ISO which is normally what i have it at or at 640, not much of a fan with the sharpening in cameraraw, noise reduction is good but bring in back the detail with with sharpen and using the masking just dosnt work well for me