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    Conditional Build Tables in RoboHelp 7?

    Kevin Elmore Level 1
      I have learned that RH6 has been known to crash when applying conditional build tags to tables (thanks, Peter). Has this problem gone away entirely in RH7?

      I am looking at a solution that involves conditional builds that could possibly encompass tables or portions of tables. So, I'm looking to head off any problems before they happen. I had talked with customer service at Adobe before, and the rep said that there have been problems with conditional builds and tables. Of course, he may be referring to the RH6 problem and was unaware that it was fixed in RH7.

      So, should I look for any gotchas for putting tables (whole or by row) in a conditional build?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          OK as far as I know. I think there may have been one post about this problem in RH7 but where it is one post I'm pretty sure there was something else at play.

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            MergeThis Level 4
            Wasn't it an issue with combining conditional build tags and merged cells, especially two or more merged columns at the far right of the table?

            Best practice for conditional build tags in tables, if you must, is to check the HTML to ensure that your condition tag has encompassed the entire row(s) involved (that is, outside the <tr></tr> tags).

            Good luck,
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              Kevin Elmore Level 1
              Thank you, gentlemen. I feel more confident going forward with this.

              I do recall that when the Adobe rep discussed this issue with me, he tried to get me to break a conditional tag by merging two cells.

              Great suggestion on the table row tags, Leon. I don't like the idea of putting conditions on the table rows, so I'll really push for rewriting a topic if that comes up. Actually, I'm not in favor of the extra work of maintaining a conditional build inside a topic. I'd rather keep them at the topic level.