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    Problems with Paragraph Styles in InDesign


      I'm at a loss.  I opened my document that I've been working on and my Paragraph Styles are missing.  The panel is there and it will show one style at a time, whichever one I'm sitting on in the document.  I've tried re-creating them.  It seems as though it works, but they aren't listed.  I've tried importing from another document that uses the same styles.  When I choose to import, it shows me the entire list and I'm able to check the box for the ones I want.  Again, it appears they are coming in but they do not show up in my Paragraph styles.


      I've tried going to the Paragraph Styles panel in every way I know how and it shows the same thing. 


      I opened a different document in which I use the same Styles and they are not showing either.  My Character Styles are all listed just as they are suppose to be.


      Any suggestions?  Thank you.