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    Missing Font


      I'm having trouble with a missing font, Eurostile Regular. My coworker and I are both on PCs running Windows 10 Pro and both have Adobe Creative Cloud - all updated.

      His three Eurostile fonts show up perfectly fine on his computer, but they do not on mine. They show up in InDesign as a beautifully highlighted pink "Eurostile (TT) Regular" but on my coworkers computer, it shows up as just "Eurostile Regular" which is a True Type Font, just not titled as such. When we open the same file (off our work server), his fonts are fine, mine are not.


      I have already taken the font files and put them directly into InDesign's font folder. Did not work.

      I have deleted every version of Eurostile I have on my computer and replaced with new ones so there is only one version. Did not work.

      I have tried to take my fonts, which say they are OTF in InDesign, and convert them from OTF to TTF but when I upload them, they say they are already a TTF. Which in my font folders, they are labeled as a TTF even though ID labels them as an OTF.

      I have tried to replace them with the other Eurostile fonts I have to see if it's just a naming issue, but they are not quite the same, so I cannot replace.

      I have looked at every single font on my font list in InDesign, from bottom to top. No font matches what is in the file.


      This font is our brand font so it cannot be replaced. Help!