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    Highlight Tool Grayed out on pdf doc using Acrobat Pro DC


      I have a pdf document that I created in Acrobat XI.  It's a table and certain lines of data are highlighted with yellow.  I will be updating this pdf periodically and need to highlight certain lines.  When I go to COMMENTS to highlight, the highlight pen is grayed out.  Why??


      Instead of Acrobat Pro DC being an improvement I keep running into more and more frustration with this product.  Submit buttons for emailing don't work, and many other 'features'.  I am a power user for forms and I am not impressed.  I'm frustrated as things that use to be so easy to do are now a hassel or are impossible to do.


      I am using a desktop application, not a phone.  Can anyone help???


      I'm thinking of abandoning Acrobat and going to one of the other cheaper applications that will be allow me to get my job done.