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    Resolution change when using images made with ultra wide lenses for creating pano with LR

    edwarddebruyn2 Level 1

      When I use pictures, made with the Voigt 10mm or the 16-35mm at 16mm, I’m confronted with a change in resolution when I use Lightroom or photoshop to create the pano.

      The images taken with an A7r2 + wide angle are around 5300 pixels high (for horizontal images).

      When I combine them the resulting pano is only around 3500 pixels high, even when I combine only 2 or 3 horizontal images.

      Hugin or Autopano Pro seems to do it in the right way.

      On the other hand when I combine pictures taken with “normal” to “tele” lenses the resolution doesn’t change that much.

      Prefer the Lightroom version because of the resulting dng file and the easy workflow.

      Don’t have to convert to tiff and retain the original DR like you mentioned.

      Or is there a setting I’ve to change or is this the way LR and PS works ?


      Thanks for any suggestions.