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    Bates Numbering


      I would like to automate the bates numbering from my C# / JavaScript code on the existing pdf documents. Can someone help me how do I approch this. Is there a dll that I can call inside my code to achieve this?


      Thanks in advance.



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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I would start by downloading the Acrobat SDK documentation

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            satyenk75163452 Level 1

            Thanks.... gkaiseril. for your response.

            I have been all over (Acrobar SDK documentation) it to find the solution. I found the folder with few VC++ files with project as follows...

            sdkDC_v1_win\Adobe\Acrobat DC SDK\Version 1\PluginSupport\Samples\BatesNumbering


            There is no explanation what so ever and I think it is missing few files. I loaded the project and it fails to compile. I checked for everything and I am not sure how to move forward. This is where I need some help to cross the brick wall I hit.


            Can you help me on this please?



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              Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

              This is a sample Acrobat plug-in and not something you can use in C# or JavaScript. There is nothing missing from this project, it works, but you need to know how to compile and install a plug-in. This information is in the SDK.


              If you want to create Bates numbers in JavaScript or C#, you are unfortunately out of luck: The Bates function is not accessible via these APIs. You can however create your own Bates like functionality by using the Doc.addWatermarkFromText() method: Acrobat DC SDK Documentation - Doc.addWatermarkFromText()

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                satyenk75163452 Level 1

                Thanks for the response Karl.

                So..let me make sure I understood this ....

                The code is for the Plug In. So I am creating a plug In for Bates Numbering where I add this code. Once the Plug In is created it will be functional inside the Acrobat to go through the interface and create the Bates. Manual approach.


                If I understood it correctly, then can I use this (VC++) code to create a DLL and use it in my project where I could use these methods to construct the Bates and add it to the Doc. If so which References should I use to get the functionality.


                I will look into Watermark approach as you have suggested, but if this is possible the way I think I want to do then that would be much better.


                Once again thanks for your response....much appreciated.



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                  Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                  No you did not understand correctly. Thise methods can only be used in a plugin, not in any external EXE or DLL.

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                    Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

                    Let me add a bit more information to what TSN said.


                    Even though you are technically generating a DLL when you create an Acrobat plug-in, that DLL is only useful when loaded into Acrobat as a plug-in. You will only find the code that you wrote yourself in that plug-in DLL, and therefore the DLL depends on Acrobat to provide all the functionality your code is interfacing with.


                    You could implement some sort of server in your plug-in so that you can use it's functionality from outside of Acrobat, but before you do that, you need to review the EULA you agreed to when you installed Acrobat: You cannot use Acrobat in a server environment, or in a server-like environment where you are technically not running on a server, but providing a service to users who do not have their own Acrobat license.


                    Your best bet is to use the JavaScript addWatermarkFromText() method - it's the one you can implement without having to climb the learning curve of creating Acrobat plug-ins, and, using the JSObject interface, you can even use it from your C# application. This does of course require that Acrobat (and not just the free Reader) is installed on every system you want to use this functionality on.