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    Unable to enter values directly in menu


      InDesign CC17

      21.5 inch late 2015 iMac

      3.3GHz GHz Intel Core i7

      Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200

      OSX 10.12.1


      I was trying to change a baseline value for a character. I selected that character then clicked in the character menu. I selected the existing baseline shift value and tried to type a new one over it. The affected character in my document (which had been selected) was then deleted when I tried to type over the value in the character menu. Ultimately, I was unable to enter the value I wanted directly into the menu box. I had to use the up and down arrows instead. This has occurred repeatedly in other contexts, such as changing indent values. It does not happen each an every time, but it happens often enough to be a major nuisance. I have been doing this for years and never had a problem.


      Thank you for any help.